Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Negative health effects of Electromagnetic Radiation are simply “not” a hoax

Technology is dominating this world and has made our life so much easier. Phone, desktop, laptop, TV, microwave oven, refrigerator etc. have made our life comfortable up to very extent, no doubt in this, but these devices have a black face too. They emit electromagnetic radiations (EM-R) which is affecting all the living organisms whether humans, birds or insects. 

EM Radiation is of 2 types

EM-R is of two types. Those having lesser frequencies are known as low frequency EM-R and those having high frequencies are known as High frequency EM-R. Low frequency EM-R cause heating effect in living tissues and may be carcinogenic when imposed for long period. On the other hand, High frequency EM-R are more hazardous for livings. Exposure to High frequency EM-R can result in Acute Radiation Syndrome and Chronic Radiation Syndrome.

Cell degradation due to Radiation | Source: ARS

In humans, these radiation are responsible for hearing impairment in children and may cause various types of cancers . In Honey Bees, these radiation affects their foraging behaviour therefore responsible for decrement in population of honey bees. These are also responsible for the drop in the bird’s population, in recent years, as the radiation penetrate through their thin skull and causes heating effect, ultimately leading to death.

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