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PRIDE in Nature

China’s shocking pledge to zero carbon emissions by 2060, stir up major goals to tackle the climate crisis

These targets to be achieved by China and the EU, being leading emitters send a strong geopolitical message to the US, which is the only leading emitter left to join climate efforts. However, its action in past has shown reverse intentions by withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Wildlife protection laws missing out on online buying and selling of reptiles

Pet industry mainly flourishing in Europe and North America also doesn’t seem to be in a better state for reptiles. They are packed in boxes and transported for days without proper food and water, and without guarantee of better future conditions.

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Is Greenland set to lose its ice faster than in any century over the past 12,000 years?

According to a study published in the journal Nature, if greenhouse gas emissions continued as per present pattern then Greenland would alone account for sea-level rise of about 2-10 centimetres by the end of 21st century.

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