About Sciteum

Sciteum brings to you selected science and technology news and views reported in the media as well as repackaged S&T information including info-graphics on important events in science history, with a special focus on India.


Team Sciteum

A microbiologist who loves to learn new stuff. Sciteum’s go-to-girl, who not only give suggestions but also fixes the things up. 6 or 60 she communicates in style with all age groups. She is one of the faces behind our Facebook and Twitter. She is also one of the designer of Sciteum’s flagship series An element a day 


An engineer and a creative science communicator. Found his passion for outreaches while traveling and interacting with kids. The savior when it comes to any technical issues.  He is one of the faces behind our Facebook and Twitter. He is the other designer of Sciteum’s flagship series An element a day 


A boy with lot of dreams. A physicist, a science communicator and the cool dude for school students. Hindi is tough but not for him! He also handles Sciteum’s Instagram.


 A nurse and a caring science communicator. Bet, no one can explain about health issues the way she does with that smile.


The another physicist in our group. She communicates and explains things with swag. Every time she has the perfect idea for anything.


A zoologist and a science communicator. He will agree disagreeably with matters of contention. He has the idea that can satisfy everyone.


Microbiologist and a science communicator. When she thinks of doing something, she will do it perfectly. She also handles Sciteum’s Instagram.


Physicist  and a science communicator. Khushbu means fragrance. Like her name, she communicates science with the fragrance of writing.


Techie turned communicator. She vanishes into the blue but often comes up with new ideas.