A glove to teach robots

New study throws lights on the characteristics of human grasp We can sense the nature, texture, even properties of materials using touch. This ability of identification comes with our understanding of objects with respect to the amount of force applied in touch. A network of sensory receptors called mechanoreceptors, present…

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Is Titan the new Earth?

Saturn’s moon is mystifying with Earth-like features Titan, the largest moon of Saturn is the only known object in space with a dense atmosphere similar to Earth. Not only this, there are lists of similarities between this duos: Only object in space to have bodies of liquid on its surface,…

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The launch of Stratolaunch

How about taking a flight to place satellites into orbit and coming back?
Stratolaunch Systems Corporation, California based new-gen space company is all set to do that. On 13 April 2019, the company proved it with the successful first fight of a mammoth aircraft, The Stratolaunch. This aircraft is the world’s biggest all-composite aircraft.

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