Now AI can help you to write lyrics!

Original music is always on demand. Lyrics are the significant component that keeps music demanding and also in making those singles trending on YouTube. Music artists need to stay inspired and creative to create such demanding lyrics and music. It is even challenging to develop harmony between lyrics and music. They often get lost in the existing songs and produce remixes. But this real-time AI system developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo can provide inspiration and new perspectives to write lyrics for music. 

LyricJam is the name of this AI system capable of generating lyrics from live music. Researcher Olga Vechtomova, who lead the team, along with students Gaurav Sahu and Dhruv Kumar, developed a neural network that synthesises lyrics concerning the mood of the live music. For this, the technology understands the components of music such as tempo, chord progression, and instrumentation. The team behind this research is the members of

In the media statement released by the University of Waterloo, Prof. Vechtomova highlights, “The purpose of the system is not to write a song for the artist. Instead, we want to help artists realize their own creativity”. The idea behind this technology is to provide metaphors and expressive phrases. Thus, music artists can unleash their creativity in new directions.

To experiment with this, the research team invited musicians and conducted a user study. Musicians who played their music along with the system expressed that the AI is helping them to improvise.   

If you are a music artist and interested in unleashing your creativity with AI, go to and explore. 

Story source: Olga Vechtomova, Gaurav Sahu and Dhruv Kumar (2021) LyricJam: A system for generating lyrics for live instrumental music. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC 2021). ArXiv:

Written by Raghul M R

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