Cloud Challenge 2022 is calling!

NASA is asking you to keep an eye on our clouds! Yes, this is a citizen science initiative by NASA to understand our clouds both from within and from the outer sky.

NASA GLOBE Cloud Challenge 2022 is an international science program that aims to foster the interest of students in space and climate research. By participating in this initiative, students public can help scientists to understand the cloud better. Cloud can help in decoding a lot of valuable information related to Earth’s climate.

One can participate in this challenge till February 15, 2020

How to participate?

  • Download GLOBE Observer app from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.
  • Observe the clouds of your locality and submit those observations through this app by uploading photographs of clouds.
  • Make use of GPS (Global Positioning System) on your mobile phone to track the overpass of satellites.
  • You can also set up satellite overpass alerts through GLOBE Observer application.
  • Observing the clouds during the satellite overpass is of great help for NASA scientists as they can use your inputs to compare the data received from the satellite.

Apart from GLOBE Observer mobile application, one may also use the NASA Cloud Gaze project on the Zooniverse platform to participate in this challenge.

Though we get information about clouds and climate through satellites, more details from the ground about the cloud cover and cloud types can help to understand and study our atmosphere and climate better. So, do take part in this challenge. It’s only a week to conclude.

To know more about the cloud types: check out this article.

Written by Raghul M R

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