Iridium #77

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Quiz on Iridium

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Iridium is known for its ___________

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Iridium can easily attacked by any acids

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Iridium is more abundant in meteorites than on Earth

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Iridium could helps in understanding ________________

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The main producer of Iridium is _________?

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  1. Hello Sciteum!

    I’ve been really enjoying the elequiz. Kudos to you all!
    About question 2, ‘Nay’ means no. I thought ‘nay acids’ meant no acid. What was meant by ‘nay acids’?

    The other time on Rhenium, I chose the option which said Rhenium has the highest boiling point but my answer was marked as wrong. Which metal has the highest boiling point?

    Keep the great work up!

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