Helen Hobbs TNQ

The Thin Fat Indian

Helen Hobbs addressing cholesterol and fatty acids You must have seen a lot of people who are thin and are fit, there comes the phrase ‘the thin-fat Indian’, who are physically thin but are metabolically fit’. The secret behind their fitness must be work which leads to exercises and of…

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national science fi day

Sci Fi for Sci Comm

Intergalactic journeys, super-intelligent robots, aliens, mutants, enhanced humans, ray guns, advanced weapons, alternative histories, time travel, mind control, telepathy, future evolution are all results of fiction, to be precise Scifi or Science Fiction. Science fiction is one of the complex genres in literature with a wide range of sub-genre and…

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2019 – Year of the Periodic Table

Chemical Elements play a vital role in our daily lives and are crucial for humankind and our planet, and for industry. The development of the Periodic Table of the Elements is one of the most significant achievements in science and a uniting scientific concept, with broad implications in Astronomy,Chemistry, Physics,…

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