Pseudo Science: A Matter of Concern

We are living in a modern era where we generally prefer to get in touch with our family and friends on social media. We are using social media platforms to share informations with our dear ones. We are well educated, in spite of that unintentionally sometimes we share news articles or informations which are not real or have insufficient scientific evidence behind them.

‘Pseudo’ means false, and the great way to spot this is knowing the difference between science and pseudoscience. When we talk about knowing science it doesn’t mean having a knowledge on basic scientific facts (eg. the distance between Earth to moon). It simply means understanding the nature of science with valid evidences.

Pseudoscience can be seen almost everywhere in the advertisements , facebook newsfeeds, e-mails and the likes.

Today we come across a number of news, some of them are useful and some are first sheer nonsense to gain the popularity, all proclaimed to be “true facts”.

It is our responsibility to check the source from where a particular information is coming and whether it has scientific evidence or not. We should believe and share a particular information after finding its relevance. It is as simple as we cannot eat food without tasting.

Article by Anu
Edited by Moumita Mazumdar

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