Take care of yourself and also the nature

The year 2020 is phenomenal. Not only with the unprecedented crisis, modern humans are facing, but also we witness the restart of nature. When global nations went under lockdown, nature began to heal. It only takes a few weeks for mother nature to get back to its glory in the absence of human activities. Air quality increased, water sparkles and the biodiversity return to its habitat.

In the same time, this coronavirus impact has put billion of children across the globe away from schools. As the online video conferences turn into new classrooms, over 50 global organisations collaborated to launch The Earth School. A platform for students to connect with nature and spread green deeds. Indian government is providing the same visual contents through its digital schooling platform called Diksha.

Its time to give a reality check. A check to understand what we are doing wrong and to correct it. Its time to go back to our roots and practice the traditional methods of sustainability to take care of ourselves and thus caring the nature.

Written by M R Raghul
Animation by Moumita Mazumdar

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