Biodegradable napkin

The eco-friendly biodegradable napkin is a new product, applied for a patent by the Anna University, Chennai. The research scholar, Ms Preethi Ramados, is the person behind this innovation.

Ms Ramdoss, from the Department of Crystal Growth Center of Anna University, developed this innovation as a part of her PhD work. Her love for nature leads her to develop this biodegradable, eco- friendly napkin with natural raw materials such as polysaccharides and polymers derived from plants.

Test results from the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET) and Anna University, claims that, this thin napkin of 3 mm thickness can absorb 1700% water of its own weight.

The napkins available in the markets contain hydrophobic materials such as polypropylene, a plastic derivative, taking a long time to degrade. It also contains cellulose pulp which results in side effects like rashes. The newly developed eco-friendly napkin is made up of cellulose derivatives, it also contains turmeric, neem, vettiver and lemon extracts. The napkin is also tested against the common pathogens which cause bacterial vaginosis in women, explained the researcher to the Indian daily, The Hindu.

This research is funded by the Department of Science of Technology, India.

Written by M R Raghul

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