Braille Redefined

The raised dotted alphabets developed by Louis Braille in the 19th century has brought light in the lives of millions of visually challenged people across the globe. Though it revolutionised the world, the Braille in printed format brings in a lot of practical difficulties.

After centuries, the recent innovations in the field of Braille technology is bringing new hopes for Braille users to explore more literature. Canute 360, with the tagline ‘Kindly for the blind’, is one such innovation. Developed by Bristol Braille Technology, a British firm, Canute 360 is the world’s first multi-line Braille e-reader.

It consists of 360 cells, capable of displaying nine lines of text at a time and refreshes a line at a time from the top. Canute 360 has the feature to download any Braille format text, giving the users an endless supply of reading materials along with retaining context in tables, maths and music, the firm claims.

Bristol Tech aims to improve the literacy rate as well as bring in a new employment opportunity and more independence in the lives of millions of visually challenged people with Canute 360.

Canute 360 is likely to go on sale this year and it may cost similar to a high-end laptop, Reuters reported.

Article by M R Raghul

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