What if we don’t sweat?

Aren’t summers annoying when it comes to sweating? And travelling in summers are the most hectic thing to do, especially when the whole bus or the train compartment stinks with the combination of smell. The worst part is to grab the strap of buses or trains, being cautious if anyone is watching your armpit, isn’t it?

Would it be better if we won’t sweat, and we don’t have to buy all those costly perfumes?

Well, with the increases in body temperature, sweat glands release sweat to decrease the temperature. As sweat leaves through our skin pores it evaporates and our body cools down. Sweating is normally mammal’s way of regulating body temperature. Sweat also cleans our body from inside out. The reason behind the odour of sweat is its high salt level which is broken down by bacteria residing on our body surface.

If people cannot sweat properly, they are not able to cool themselves, and this can be really harmful. This condition is called Anhidrosis, a life-threatening condition which is the inability to sweat normally. It may lead to overheating of the body and thereby may result in heatstroke.

Maybe if not sweating, we would have other alternatives to decrease our body temperature like panting or removing toxins in other forms of excretory process.

However, it’s not totally bad to sweat. We should feel lucky rather to sweat, which regulates our body temperature and excretes toxins at the same time.

Article by Moumita Mazumdar

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