What if we stop sleeping?

An average person spends about 1/3 of his life sleeping. Does it sound like wasting a lot of time?

Imagine, working the whole day and night. There is no process of sleeping and waking up early in the morning, work and only work. You are achieving excellent productivity, won’t it be good?
You can meet the deadlines faster by saving a little more time?

But before judging sleep, let’s know how it plays a role in our everyday life.
While we sleep, our body releases hormones and repairs tissues to replace old cells with new ones. If we work all day, we need good sleep to work for the next day. But, if we do not sleep it will affect our brain.

After 24 hours we would start forgetting what we were doing. Two days later our body will start to shut down, it would stop metabolizing, leaving us with no energy. Our skin will look pale and eyes would turn red.

The third day, one will see “hallucinations”. Our brain would bring all our dreams and nightmares to life.

On the fourth day, our immune system will become so weak that we can even die of common flu.

So grab yourself a pillow and take a nap and make sure you are getting 6 to 8 hours sleep, every day.

Happy sleeping!

Article by Prerna Singh 
Edited by Moumita Mazumdar

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