Downing sparrows…

Ways to bring our chirping friend back!

Sparrows, those little chirpy friends who used to give background scores to our boring lives, from rural green pastures to the urban concrete forests, is slowly disappearing. Interestingly, they were the most adapted avian, genetically, to live with humans.

With the advent of human development, all the adaptation measures of House Sparrow
(Passer domesticus) went in vain. Modern pesticides, agriculture practices, lifestyles, and even modern architectures are keeping our sparrows at bay. Being a key shareholder of the food chain, these human intervention affects not only sparrows but also the whole ecosystem.

In the wake of several studies citing the decline of sparrow population, a day to convey the message of conservation of sparrows was embarked. It is the joint initiative of Nature Forever Society of India and Eco-Sys Action Foundation of France to designate March 20 as World Sparrow Day and to celebrate the love for sparrows globally.

This years theme is “I Love Sparrows”

What WE can Do?

Our little friends are known for their adaptation powers. All they need is a little push from our side. Let’s see what we can do:

  • Find a shady, easy to access place in your backyard
  • Regularly place some grains along with a bird bath
  • Once you find birds along with sparrows in your backyard, place a nest, secure enough from predators
  • The effect of mobile radiation on sparrows is still on debate, why to give a chance, keep electro magnetic radiations away from the nest
  • By doing these simple things you can bring back our chirpy friends to backyards
  • Most importantly! Share and spread the message

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Sparrow’s call
Article by M R Raghul 

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