What if we fall into a black hole?

Black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not escape. It is a place where our known laws of physics get void. The boundary of this region is called an event horizon.

Okay, so once we are near its vicinity, black holes are going to engulf us but what would exactly happen?

Let us take an example of a rubber band, we use in our daily life. Consider we are stretching it with both hands, after maximum stress the rubber band breaks. The same thing would happen when we fall into a black hole.

Black-hole distorting the image of a galaxy in the background | Simulation | source: wikipedia

Tidal forces are so strong in small black holes and weak in large black holes. If we are falling into the small black holes then these forces would stretch our body into a string of atoms. This stretching action is known as Spaghettification. In a larger black hole, we could able to maintain our internal structure till reaching the event horizon since the distance between the event horizon and the singularity (the centre of the black hole where the gravity is infinite) is high.

Einstein’s theory of time dilation suggests that if we look towards the centre of the black hole we would see every object that has fallen into it in the past. Behind us, we could see everything that will ever fall into it in the future. In a sense, it really is time that pulls us in toward the singularity. We can’t turn around and escape the black hole, any more than we can turn around and travel back to the past.

Written by Mansi Gupta
Edited by Kartikay Shukla, M R Raghul

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