Oceans, our future

When the Greek called ōkeanos, it meant a great stream that encircles the earth. Today, we know it as a system of interconnected bodies of salt-water and a key stakeholder of Earth’s hydrosphere, the Ocean. More precisely, the World Ocean. 

Even in 2020, the World Ocean is full of mystery. We now know, it is an integral part of all lives on the planet and its influence in climate and weather systems. But, most of the ocean is still unexplored. Even we are unaware of the origin of Earth’s Oceans. With this limited exploration, we discovered more than 230 thousand species, which are habitat to the oceans.

With very little knowledge about this vast resource, human activities are already posing threat to the lives and natural treasures of World Oceans. The home of nearly 2 million known and unknown species is now filled with plastic, trash, and human pollutants. The exploitation of marine resources leading to loss of habitat. Anthropogenic climate changes resulting in acidification of oceans resulting in coral bleaching.  

For your Ocean quest, play this Quiz!

Ocean Quest

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Name the World's smallest Ocean?

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Which of the following ocean is the warmest?

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The deepest point on the Earth's surface, the Mariana Trench is located in which ocean?

This ocean accounts for about one-third of Earth's water. Its warm waters result in tsunamis, storms and heavy rainfall across the continents of equator region.

4 / 5

This ocean is the deadliest. Name it?

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Which of the following is the serious threat to the Ocean and its life?

Since 1992, Canada and other global nations have proposed and practised the day to celebrate, preach, and promote the importance of Oceans to the larger audience. In 2008 the United Nations recognised June 8 as the World Oceans Day. This is the international day which promotes the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals worldwide to manage the ocean and its resources, sustainably.

This year’s theme is Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean. This is a call to the world leaders, policymakers, and innovators to protect at least 30% of our oceans by 2030. Let’s do our part to protect our future, the Oceans. 

Written by M R Raghul

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  1. Well written.
    One comment though. It’s true ocean day promotes SDG 14, but SDGs were formulated only in 2015

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