Do you know these facts about Tigers?

Once upon a time, Panthera tigris ruled the lands from eastern Turkey to the coast of the Sea of Japan, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the island of Bali. Today, P. tigris is on the IUCN Red List, listed as endangered. Though few in numbers, this charismatic megafauna never failed to capture the interests of kids and adults alike. On this World Tiger Day, Sciteum is presenting you some of the interesting facts about Tiger. 

1. There are more tigers in the captive than in the wild

Tiger Attack
Most of these tigers are in captive as exotic pets | AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian

2. Tigers are excellent swimmers and they are capable of hunting from the water

File:Royal Bengal tiger in water.jpg
Remember the Human-Tiger conflicts in Sunderbans?! | Shafquat Ameen CC BY 4.0

3. Among 9 subspecies of Tigers, three subspecies were extinct

Bali tiger zanveld.jpg
Bali Tiger in image. Caspian and Javan Tiger were the other two extinct subspecies

4. Tiger’s stripes are unique like our fingerprints

File:Tiger Stripes (29808869755).jpg
The stripes of siberean tiger

5. Tiger can mate with other big cats

Liger couple.jpg
They mate with Lion to produce Liger

Lets hope that the conservation efforts by global organisations would bring back this big cat to its lost territories. For more interesting science contents stay connected with Sciteum.

Compiled by M R Raghul

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