Hallucinating ME

Climate Change and the Planet Earth

Over the past few weeks, Planet Earth have witnessed some of the extreme weather events. From deadly floods devastating European and Asian countries to the heatwaves and drought causing serious troubles in North American and African countries, respectively. All these extreme weather events are exposing the fact that the Climate Change is real.

On this note, Sciteum is presenting you the graphical illustration: ‘Hallucinating ME’, by Moumita Mazumdar. This illustration is depicting the state of Earth that resonates with the mental state of helplessness of an individual.

I don’t mind taking more carbon,
I don’t mind bringing more heat,
Let the globe warm and suffocate.
I don’t mind melting more ice,
But why do they want to stop me now?
I don’t mind revolving the sun like this,
I don’t mind changing the climate;
Let the people pay their bills.
I don’t mind hallucinating like this,
I am addicted to the factories that they have planted more than trees.

- Moumita Mazumdar

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