What if all the ice on the earth melts?

What will happen if the dramatic surge of climate change melted all the ice on the earth overnight and you wake up next morning and find yourself drowning underwater? How would you enjoy choking to death?

Easy-peasy, its not going to happen overnight. Ice covers eight million square miles of our planet. if all the ice melts overnight the global sea level would rise approx 230 feet and all the seven continents will partially submerged underwater.

All the melted ice release carbon dioxide into the air. Ice needs a high amount of carbon dioxide to melt in first place. Oxygen level will remain the same but you will slowly start to choke from breathing the air.

Rise in sea level will also alter the sea-currents, resulting in heavy rainfall in those desert regions and dryness in those areas which usually get heavy rainfall. This would devastate agriculture and cause a global famine.

The heavy rainfall combining with floods and heavy cyclones will wash our the entire human species. If not entirely, the survivors will be migrating across the globe in search of new homes.

Luckily the ice does not melt overnight but if we will not stop disturbing the environment the day is not far when no land will be there and no life will exist neither above the water nor below.

Article by Prerna Singh

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