What if half the human population suddenly disappears from the planet?

You don’t need to be a Marvel and Avengers fan to imagine what would happen if our population get reduced to half overnight.

Do you think you can live happily with lesser people around you?

Yes, it will be a lesser burden for the earth as it has limited resources. Fewer trees will be cut down, pollution level will go down. We don’t have to think much about global warming. Altogether, the environment of the planet will start to structure better.

You can go to your favourite beaches and actually can enjoy the water with fewer people around, go to work without or negligent traffic. Life would be much easier, isn’t it?

Wait, but that’s not the end of the story. Not only you lose half of your followers in social media but with the disappearance of half of the population, we will lose most of our top innovators, scientists, media and influencers.

There will be an economic misbalance around the globe. 50% reduction in population means that production gets reduced to uncertain levels, as the labour available now is much more costly. New Innovations wouldn’t translate fast into actual goods and services due to lack of cheap labour. The government would have fewer taxes, and less usage of services would lead to a measurable increase in unemployment. There will be a decrease in customers for markets and this could lead to the financial breakdown. Moreover due to disorganization in the distribution of works and positions of people will lead to collapsing of the ruling powers leading to chaos and riots.

So rather thinking of enjoying life with lesser people, we should live our life with all the people around, staying amicably and helping each other for a better future. And of course, we should take care of our planet too, more awareness and organized; less pollution!

Article by Moumita Mazumdar

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