What if we all look exactly the same?

Well, this question has been asked by many on the internet. Have you tried answering this?

Imagine watching a movie with different characters of the same faces!

Perhaps, no one will discriminate on the basis of facial recognitions. People would update their photos with just different facial expressions. Beauty contests would have different criteria looking for the winner. Looks won’t matter while dating, right?

Well, there would have been some other ways to distinguish us. We might could have increased olfactory acuity (heightened sense of smell) so that we can differentiate each other by our distinctive smells.

Moreover, just because we would all look the same, that doesn’t mean we would all think the same. People still would have different body structure, different hair texture, different voice, different skin color depending on where a person is staying (like people staying near the equator where sunlight is maximum, will have darker skin due to more melanin secretion. Melanin protects us from sun’s harmful rays).

Our DNA still would have many variations compared to each other, like twins though look alike, their genes have much difference to determine their behaviours and activities.

So, let’s feel blessed for the evolution that took place, we are able to see a number of new faces each day, CCTV can easily detect crimes, we can differentiate characters in movies and never-ending benefits.

Remember? “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Margarate Wolfe Hungerford was the first person to use the phrase in her book ‘Molly Bawn’ (1878).

Article by Moumita Mazumdar 

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